Blue eyes intimidating

I sometimes also call this the “death stare” or the “predatory look.” It’s the ability to stare into someone else and make her feel as though you’re staring directly into her soul... preparing to DO something to her, though she can only guess at WHAT.

When the pupil is closed down to a small opening (when not in bright light), it indicates a lack of interest or something distasteful. The pupil dilates as much as 45% when looking at something pleasant.

When talking to a partner of the opposite sex, this high interest may be "desire".

Young women have the least chromosome damage and, therefore, have the best chance of producing healthy babies.

The ears and nose continue to grow constantly as we age, but the eye size remains nearly the same throughout life.

Here are more fascinating facts: When we cry, the tears, facial expressions, and sounds send body language messages to indicate happiness, sadness or distress. However, there are reports indicating that seals and sea otters do weep and shed tears when emotionally distressed, such as when they have lost their young.