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Amish also work in non-Amish industries–a good example of this is the RV industry of northern Indiana, which employs thousands of Amish men in the dozens of recreational vehicle factories throughout the region. Though Amish typically have from 6-8 children, the number can vary greatly across different communities (Amish of different affiliations vary in how progressive or conservative they are regarding technology and other aspects of life).

Amish have flocked to New York in droves in recent years, with ten new settlements appearing in just the past three years.

States such as Kentucky, Michigan, and Missouri have also long had robust Amish populations and have seen new communities arise recently.

The horse-and-buggy, plain clothing, PA Dutch language, home worship, and limited technology are core elements to Amish identity.

Amish strive to preserve these while slowly adapting around the edges as financial and societal pressures dictate.

Amish religious service differs in a key way from most other Christian churches: Amish do not build church buildings, instead opting to hold church in the home.