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The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. Ethernet, SATA, USB & Sound (Voodoo HDA) Worked out of the Box System Configuration: [Realtek ALC8xx HDA / Apple HDA Roll Back/ Non-DSDT 892] [Network - Realtek gig ethernet 2.0.6] [Chimera boot loader][boot flags used in install step was added to boot options in multibeast. System: Intel E2180, 4 GB RAM, 500GB Seagate HD SATA, Ge Force 8400GS 256MB Installation: i Boot (3.1.0) Multibeast (3.7.3).Installed from the original Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD and then upgraded (via Combo Update) to 10.6.7.

updating hackintosh to 10 5 6-80

Somewhere between 15GB to 50GB should be more than enough.

So my procedure consists of applying any updates to this Volume first. Many Hackintosh users were reporting issues upgrading to 10.6.8 I tried upgrading the test partition on my Perfect Hackintosh, and found everything works, . In the meantime, I'm holding this update a bit, while keeping an eye on Tonymacx86's Forum - Official 10.6.8 Update Thread...

It is a Core i7 870, and a friend gave me an Apple GT 120 video card. After updating with 10.6.8 combo update every thing works with out any additional kexts.

So I did not install Multibeast - easybeast keeping as 'vanilla' as possible.

Iatkos 10.6.3, You need to install after first boot 10.6.7 update to avoid restar over and over again, NV9800GT (dual DVI), LAN onboard works, Sound alc889 work.