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The world is now all about them The Vows Groom, will you laugh with Bride and cry with her through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy, Whatever may come will you always be there? Bride, do you promise to be Groom’s partner in life and one true love? Do you promise your love to him and him only and always? As you have given him your hand to hold Do you give him your life to keep? Or as most often is the case, my words to which they answer I will and I do to are beautiful spoken.

Now you see why it is important for us to have a bond.

A real sense of your personalities needs to come out in the words of the ceremony. I speak to you these words with compassion, love and true feelings.

I need them to forget about the stress of the past week..past day...past hour.

I remind them that it is because of their love we are all here. The vows can be predicated by the couple saying something special to each other which is absolutely the best! If couples want to write their own vows, then my words are removed and the couple speak the words of Respect, Commitment, Honor, Fidelity and Support in their own words.

Drawbridge Lane Weddings Conrad Marsili, Officiant A Sample of My Standard Nuptial As an officiant of weddings, I have the pleasure to meet wonderful couples. With this said, take a look at my most popular nuptial text.