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Don’t forget to make payments for both your Airtime Plan and Device Plan. If you’re still having problems, try restarting your device.

Get in touch if you want to pay off the rest of your Device Plan. No, but we recommend you always pay your bill on time and by Direct Debit as any late payments can seriously affect your credit score. If you're on O2 Refresh and want to pay off the rest of your Device Plan, give us a call.

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For example: Call anyone in the chat room on a private call.

This feature can be set to admins only calls, or you can disable it if you do not want it active.

Upload images and files from your computer and share them with the room, or one-on-one in private chat.

Note, when you upload a pdf or a doc/excel/powerpoint file, it will show as a small icon.

If your friends and family don't have a compatible phone they will receive a text instead with details of how to view your message.