Dating turkish girl

Both of us had to cover our mouths to stop laughing. He raised his eyebrows, trying to fake a serious look and then smiled, trying to stifle his laugh.The judge turned to me and started asking questions but he had a squeaky voice and spoke too fast for me to understand him, despite my newfound passion for conversing in Turkish, wherever I went.Therefore, to sit here and write about my recent divorce is quite surreal.

The electricity that had disappeared from our marriage years ago suddenly came back.

The secretary called us in to finalise the formalities but we were still playing around like a couple of children. We stood there, arm in arm, smiling and laughing and declared we were not happy and wanted different things in life. Wait outside for the judge to call you” they said with a confused look on their faces. His chair was elevated on a wooden bench and we sat separately at desks opposite each other.

Experts say one of the most stressful events in life is a divorce. When I married my Turkish Romeo seven years ago, I never imagined, it would end in divorce.

Sure, there were cultural issues but we always managed to resolve them and many people often remarked that we were a good couple.

Another other couple waiting were separated by a friend or family member sitting between them and both had the same frowned appearance that was adorning my husband’s face. Also social decorum in Turkey dictates that while my marriage is over, I should not be embarrassing my husband by being seen out in public with another man.