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One day Isabelle says to her best friend Amy that she loves herself, honors herself and cherishes herself. Isabelle thinks that's a good idea, and she begins planning a ceremony.

Her obviously gay decorator friend Bill is SOOO excited and gets an online certification to perform a ceremony.

Her chemistry with Paul Popowich is enjoyable but a little different from the sarcastic, superior attitude of Lois Lane around Clark Kent. This is fluff, of course, but really well-done fluff.

Everyone else in a leading role does such a good job, there's no point in singling anyone else out. Don't expect Golden Globe caliber, but this is good romantic comedy.

alum Kristin Kreuk apparently was met with a meteor storm of fan criticism after sharing her take on the CW show’s upcoming series finale — so much so that she decided to set the record straight on where she stands. “Maybe later on — like, on DVD or something.” The actress’ honesty about not committing that Friday night to saying so long to the series she called home for seven years must have elicited some slings and arrows from the avid fandom.