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Life After Paralysis is a blog that represents a variety of paralysis community members.It is a place for open conversation about the issues and the interests of people living with paralysis, their family, friends, caregivers, and the professionals that serve them. If you are like me and ruminate about death now and then, here's my advice – don't read actuary tables.” When we dig deeper, men want to know will they be able to father their own children.

In any case, they paint a picture that strikes me at completely contrary to the experience of real people living in 2016, i.e., me.

If you Google up and ask the question – “What is the life expectancy of someone paralyzed at age 50? According to most reports, or at least the ones I could decipher, the answer is an additional 19.75 years or the age of 69.75.

I was on the handle bars of a bicycle with my brother when a drunk driver racing through the neighborhood hit us.

I was thrown through the air, witnesses said 75 feet. Never let anyone decide for you how long you will live.

One inquirer asked, “Do people in wheelchairs live longer than non-wheelchair users? Probably the likeliest cause would be mortal complications from a systemic bacterial infection resulting from skin breakage or maybe a deadly UTI.