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• Ryan didn't recognize his own daughter, Tatum, at Farrah's funeral and asked her for a drink. King: Well, how old were you when Ryan and her got together? King: Were you close with your biological mother [Joanna Moore]?

Redmond hung out with Ryan a lot, because Ryan allowed the drug use. And that was one of the reasons me and my dad fought. O'Neal: Well, I think they are probably going to get a lot closer now, since Redmond has all the money.

What ends up happening is the noises go away for a second, and then they come back completely amplified and then you are in a deeper hole than you were. I think she's OK now, but I have had to put some distance between us for a while, because I didn't think she was that healthy. O'Neal: Everybody's had a lot of questions on what the heck happened to the O'Neal family.

about her previous marriage to tennis champ John Mc Enroe, with whom she has three children. From left: John and Tatum on their wedding day in August 1986; Tatum with Ryan in April 2012.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) In the sit-down, the star explained her ex-husband’s personality as “absolutely” similar to her father’s.

Yet O'Neal is not re-identifying her sexuality as straight to gay --"I'm not one or the other," she said.