Bind9 not updating zone

bind9 not updating zone-37

Cheers Michael Hello Folks, as you may already note, Xen Desktop/Xen App 7.9 was released and it’s now comes with support for the Akropolis support from Nutanix.

To get your Nutanix installation working it’s important to know that you have to install the “Nutanix Acropolis-MCS-XD7.9_or_later.msi” provided by Nutanix (Nutanix Portal-Tools) on all of your Xen Desktop/Xen App 7.9 delivery controllers.

[Console, common] – Fixed ‘User manual’ link in help menu; link points to UMS 5 manual now – Fixed crash in Log and Event Messages dialog with large databases: dialog would not open in environments with more than about 1000 thin clients.

– Fixed: The UMS database administrator was not allowed to manage the public holidays (UMS console-Manage public Holidays) – Enhanced thin client panel layout: assignment panel width is preserved if thin client selection changes – Fixed: assigned thin clients on firmware updates dissapear if a firmware update is selected and F5 is pressed – Fixed: license creation from smartcard fails if the license contains Addon Multimedia Codecs 2 or Addon Multimedia Codec AAC [Thin clients] – Fixed: Asset id field showed the same value as the serial number field.

[Console, administration section] – Fixed server actions in administration section, UMS Networt, Server: stop service and start service actions in context menue of the UMS server are available in an HA environment only.