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Megyn Kelly caused a stir for her treatment of a gay man. The show is broadcasting from a very famous Hollywood set. “Artificial Neural Networks and Agility” is a significant area of application making this modelling a viable reality.

Comedian Bert Kreischer sits in for the show on Rolling Glory One. Steeler’s player apologizes for standing by himself for National Anthem.

Jeffrey fell asleep during Rover’s heartfelt tribute to his agent. Jeffrey flips off Rover after paying back his loan.

Youth hockey coach fired after profanity laced pregame rant. Model, 27, faces backlash for appearing to hit on 14-year-old Stranger Things star. Rover woke up in the middle of the night to order the new i Phone. Listener’s boss is having an affair and asks for advice. Eminem lashes out at Trump with freestyle rap video. Detroit firefighter fired for bringing watermelon to station. Radio host Delilah announces leave of absence after son's suicide. Did Jeffrey forget to sign a field trip permission slip?

Jeffrey's son had a major temper tantrum over a ceiling fan. Gretchen Carlson calls in to talk about sexual harassment. Katie Armiger says she was blacklisted from country music after sexual harassment allegations. Fox kept Bill O'Reilly despite 32M sexual harassment settlement. Jeffrey has an open wound on his foot analyzed by nurse. ESPN’s Jemele Hill suspended from network for two weeks. Las Vegas gunman shot security guard six minutes before massacre. Nelly arrested after allegations of rape, released with no charges.

Who on the show could last the longest without food? Jeffrey is forcing everyone to watch wrestling while he plays on his phone.