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Insert() End If End Sub The Command Name “Empty New” i will discuss later in this post. Sql Parameter("Code", Sql Db Type.[Char], 6) Private Name As New System. Related Article: Grid View Add Edit Delete using AJAX in Asp. Net Atfirst we need to create a table in SQL Server database.

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Open the web.config file and add your connectionstring: Now add a Sql Data Source control. For this example this should be: Now add a Grid View in your page.

Set the Data Source plus check Enable Paging, Enable Sorting, Enable Editing & Enable Deleting like below: Now the code of the Grid View looks like below: Now run the project.

Here i also added another Button which Command Name is Empty New.

I am trying to execute the update command of one othe sqldatasources on my aspx page using a code-behind script.

Calendar ID = @Cal ID"Partial Class set Rotations_by Week Day Inherits System. Otherwise, you can pretty much copy the select parameters to update parameters as well.