Dating service hotline

1000% going above & beyond to keep members happy The time, interest & stamina to send hundreds of thoughtful messages to women on the dating sites every week, for at least the next 6 months of your life.

Commitment to an “on call” personal assistant role 2 hours per day minimum, including night & weekend availability.

It’s the same place where you’ve started managing bank accounts, reading the news, and selling your old stuff: the internet.

“This campaign could improve the matchmaking industry by weeding out illegal websites or companies in China,” said the dating website which counts 120 million registered users.

China exercises a hefty censorship programme over internet activity in the name of ensuring social and moral stability, as well as protecting consumer rights.

Read the warning signs In the wake of Manti Te’o’s online girlfriend hoax, the term “catfishing” has become synonymous with someone making up an online identity to trick people into a relationship.

The potential to be duped shouldn’t deter anyone from online dating — but if you’re just beginning to meet people online, trusting your instinct is important.

China now ranks as the largest online dater community in the world, with singles flocking to dating websites in their hundred millions faced with tough family planning policies and being labelled a “leftover” man or woman by the state.