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If you weren’t already aware, decreased testosterone typically starts at around the age of 30, and declines at a rate of 1% per year.Symptoms include fatigue, decreased libido, increased fat retention, and muscle loss, amongst other ailments.

However, when I reached out to the advertising and editorial departments of these publications, they said they never heard of them.

In addition, T-90 Xplode doesn’t list their ingredients list, which makes it very difficult for us to qualify it as a safe and side effect free supplement.

First off, that ad that you saw with the rock, which you probably expected to be some tips about working out early in the morning, is deceiving.

Deceiving in a way that you think you are going to a legit post by Muscle and Fitness, but instead leads you to some bogus page about these 2 supplements.

Their sales page is littered with photo’s of ripped, jacked, young guys complete with their biceps bulging out and 6 packs so defined they rival even the best bodybuilders physiques. They could be putting synthetic ingredients in their pills which may be illegal.