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The Firearm Safety Package closes those loopholes, enforces laws already on the books, and prohibits convicted stalkers from having guns.

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Financial institutions; payday lending; satisfaction of deferred presentment transactions; authorize use of debit cards and certain telephone-initiated transactions.

For construction, procurement, production, modification, and modernization of aircraft, equipment, including ordnance, ground handling equipment, spare parts, and accessories therefor; specialized equipment and training devices; expansion of public and private plants, including the land necessary therefor, for the foregoing purposes, and such lands and interests therein, may be acquired, and construction prosecuted thereon prior to approval of title; and procurement and installation of equipment, appliances, and machine tools in public and private plants; reserve plant and Government and contractor-owned equipment layaway; and other expenses necessary for the foregoing purposes, $4,587,598,000, to remain available for obligation until September 30, 2019.