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So yeah, yeah, yeah, sometimes you gotta go bring it back. Cuz back in the day I was the one who was doing the thing.

Right, and remold and reshape and [CROSSTALK] Yes, exactly, actually I was the one who get to be remolded in this situation.

I just think they have an alliance.”Was Ne Ne surprised that Phaedra started the rumor about Kandi and Todd wanting to drug and rape Porsha? Phaedra has been doing this bull shit for a long time. When she first came on, she brought on my half biological sister and filmed with her the same way she did with Kandi when she brought that Johnny guy on. Phaedra has said pretty much nothing during the reunion episodes. She also talked more shit on Phaedra: “I just think that Phaedra is like a person that we’ve said it for so long that wants to be seen one way, but does all these things behind camera. Right from the jump she was lying about her pregnancy. Ne Ne declared, “Porsha is not innocent at all.” Clearly. You’re speaking for her,’ and I was thinking to myself, ‘Kandi, you used to be the same way.’ Kandi and I are good.

She did the same thing to me.”Ne Ne concluded that Phaedra “tried to take me down and it didn’t work because we ended up getting it before it even hit the air. She explained, “As I’ve said to so many people, if you and I decide to rob a bank together, I mastermind it, and you carry out the plan, and we both went before a judge, we both would be sentenced to life in prison. Call me, girl.” Seriously though- is Phaedra going to speak up at all during part four of the reunion?

She also declared, “Those are the two I would get rid of right away, honey.