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But it can save you thousands of dollars and euro – and a broken heart. At the next day event he was dating another Olga from Kiev.

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I can tell you that if you go searching for a fairy-tale princess you will find her. Visit the Cave monastery, and see the incorruptible where physical decay as not set in on century old bodies, walk along the River Dnieper, learn about the semi-mythological Rurik and Oleg, the rulers of old Kievan Rus, or better yet ask a bookish Ukrainian student girl sitting in the park reading a book.

If you go searching for your sleeping beauty in Kiev you will find her. Kiev is the greenest city in Europe if you consider the square miles of parks and green areas.

“Russia and Ukraine are among the top highest risk countries in the world for dating scams. To a certain extent I rather listen to a female witchdoctor at the messy market in Marrakech.