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i hate repeats.Jin is somewhere in Los Angeles and he announced to the media that he wanted to study English.

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Several younger Morning Musume members have already married before Nakazawa, but now it’s finally her turn! Model and actress Yamada Yu (26) is the new brand spokesperson for Schick (women’s shavers) and she was on hand at a press conference on 2/22.

She dressed as a flight attendant with a super short mini skirt that showed off her beautiful legs.

They’ve been dating since August of this year and after 4 months of dating, they’ve decided to get married.

According to representatives, Nakazawa is planning to move to Fukuoka where her fiancee currently lives and she will be putting her celebrity duties on hold.

Not sure what poor Jin did exactly but hope for him the best cos KAT-TUN doesn't sound the same if its just KT-TUN even though Kame is my favourite...