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Beliefs about one’s value and worth and a bond of trust are the foundation of a healthy intimate relationship.

This foundation can be further compromised when CEM survivors exhibit body-image dissatisfaction, which is often manifested through disordered eating behaviors.

There is a variety of grapes in which the inside is also black/dark brown, if you get that its good, if not the black grapes variety with dark green inside is also good Sugar: 1.5 Kgs Needs to be clean white sugar, try to get a good brand like parrys sugar which does not have any dirt or discoloration Yeast: 15 grams This you get in any spencer’s daily or any supermarket for that matter. Best bet is to use the oorga jaadi (ceramic pickle jar) or if you don’t have any ceramic jars, plastic or metal also would do.

Usually you would find it in the section where they stock essences, food colouring etc. Materials / Tools Required: Ceramic jar: Big enough to hold 1.5 kgs of grapes 2.6 lts of water 1.5 kgs of sugar. Should have a narrow opening because during fermentation, the vessel has to be airtight.

I always had the desire to enjoy drinking something I made myself.