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Your not even giving yourself a chance at giving us an orgasm. Once you learn how to ADAPT certain positions you will be going UP AND IN and nailing that “orgasm zone” EVERY TIME.You can expect your lover to start having g spot, deep spot, and maybe even a squirting orgasm when you start putting these powerful tricks into play!

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Most guys, in their struggle to please women never understand the SPOTS that actually trigger orgasms so they flail around uselessly trying weird sexual positions that don’t work.

In this report I’m going to reveal 3 very important things that women know but never say: 1) The Real “Orgasm Zone” and why what most guys do NEVER hit it 2) The 3 Ideal Positions to hit that “Orgasm Zone” and drive her to screaming, shaking orgasms 3) Advanced Sexual Strategies For Each of The Ideal Positions (only if you are looking for sexual mastery, this stuff is a bit wild) And Why Traditional Positions NEVER Hit It!

Here is how to change missionary position to “2 inches bigger g spot missionary”.

(Note: Not only does it hit the spot, it also makes you feel 2 inches bigger inside of her due to the “angle of the dangle”.) What you want to do is take a normal missionary position and adapt it to hit the “orgasm zone.” Here is what to do: 1) Again use a pillow (or two depending on physical proportions) under her lower back but this time in missionary position 2) Start inside of her in missionary and scoop under her legs and put them on your shoulders 3) Now place your hands under her lower back between her and the pillow 4) Lift her up so that as you thrust in to her again you are thrusting UP AND IN and hitting the top of her vagina!

She will have an orgasm and think she needs a break.