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"We think of this as really a continuation of what Google has been doing for years and years." That's certainly true — and again, all indications point to Google's assistant being at least as competent as anything else that's out there — but it's doing so under the same name that sells Double Click ads and makes Android and productivity software. It doesn't help that Google's voice search / assistant capabilities are spread out amongst a pretty wide and disparate array of apps, services, and devices.

People talk about Siri and Alexa like a person in their life. There's the basic Google search box, there's talking to your watch, to Android, to the Google app in i OS. Some of these things connect to and communicate with your Gmail or your Calendar. If you ask Google to set a reminder for you, it could show up in Now or Inbox or perhaps in Calendar — or maybe all three.

In fact, during our talk I suggested that Google was being overly cautious, spending more time than necessary testing the waters and seeing what sticks.

"It's not a matter of being cautious," says Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management. This is not a thing that's going to figure itself out in 2016.

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