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Relationships are all about experiencing everything in vibrant color. They take you high, they take you low, and throughout it all, you’re required to be honest and present. People who think otherwise are just fooling themselves.

No one has the luxury to disappear when they’re trying to love someone. Now, all of this being said, I’m not saying your coke-y beau is an addict.

That’s a fair thing to say because everyone knows cokeheads are the absolute worst. They just sit there and ramble on about how much they love their life, their dog, their mom, and you. I dealt with a similar sort of situation with an ex and a best friend. I understand that no one is perfect and that shit does, in fact, sometimes happen, but your best friend and your ex hooking up is a BIG dump to take.

Basically, I encouraged my gay BFF to hang with an ex of mine because why not? The second I set it up though, I regretted it, because I started thinking about what would happen if they hit it off and crushed on each other. If you’re ever feeling temptation island, I advise you to think about how YOU would feel if your ex and BFF hooked up.

“If you feel you have to mention it, then it is probably an inappropriate relationship you maintain with your ex,” Casey says.

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