Dating a woman with emotion baggage

She'll tell you she loves you and wants to do everything in her power to make sure the relationship lasts.She will show interest and then suddenly and inexplicably become unavailable and you won't see her again for weeks or even months.Sometimes they are still feeling the effects of a nasty break-up, a recent negative experience with a man or sometimes the aftermath of being physically abused.

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When you do see her again, she'll start treating you like crap for no apparent reason.

They are used to being around emotionally and physically abusive men--this is why many of these women who date jerks seek out emotionally unavailable men and avoid quality men. If you decide that she's worth the time and trouble, give her some space and emotional breathing room.

No matter what the cause, the romantic lives of the Walking Wounded are steered by their damaged psychology — they live in worlds of chaotic emotion where logic has no place.

The best of them need time to heal and regain their equilibrium and trust; the worst are experts at self-deceit and self-sabotage, often absolutely blind to their behavior and its consequences on their lives.

All of us women have emotional baggage, but that doesn’t mean we let it ruin all facets of our day to day lives; it may not be easy to get rid of, but it sure isn’t We’ve all run into them at one time or another — the “Walking Wounded” — women who’ve been hurt by men in the past and carry psychological damage and unresolved anger into present relationships.