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"I (kmn wont to do that, and I won't." Jfelther CSI nor North Idaho College, the fi two Junior colleges, have taxed to the )I their authorlty,-and both ere'exempt- he l T)ercent law limiting tax increases." state board meets next week, and one Wlth TSfwc Mitcu Uiackr CErwould receive' abot4 $120,000 less from ihe-state than was appropriated by the Legislature. But we will not sit k and: Iet Uientdk:tat Ajh)-us or take money Ihrn^B Ifwe cia kem tbein ftvun It." • ' ■ ■ He said he would hope for support from i M^ators and two of the nve boanf members who live in Juntor college districts.

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