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‘Bank Robbery’ Opener “Hey girls, are u good drivers? And they will ask for 5% ‘Fashion’ Opener “I love your style.

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If a girl sticks, it is more likely that she’s in need of attention at that moment.

Given the HUGE number of emails they get, it has more to do with her mood than your race.

(cheap kino on girl) and asked, ‘Hey man, you got some E? Remember when we were kids and you could just make new friends whenever you wanted… it is too GOOD not to include here: This one is used to wing your buddy, especially if he’s in a two-set and the obstacle needs to be kept occupied.

’” Ideally you will use this with a wing who doesn’t look too straight-laced. “Hey, my friend here just got invited to be on the Ricki Lake show. They told him he’s got an admirer, but he won’t find out whom until he’s live on the set. but most of the openers I’ve used over the years were collected from reading various field reports from different PUAs.

With exception of the blonde in the middle, most of the “super hotties” were hard to pin down unless they are new in town. The response rates are a bit higher, but not as high as we expected. It is no longer accepted to be “openly racist” these days. That is, girls don’t want to end up with an Asian guy, even a good looking one.