Who is jade olivia dating

Observing her subscribers and views in the videos, we can suspect that she has yielded an enormous net worth in thousands.

If you have watched Olivia’s video alongside her boyfriend titled ‘The Boyfriend Tag,' you are more likely to know everything about her love life.

According to some wiki sources, Olivia Jade was born on September 28, 1999, which makes her 17 years of age.

Jade has worked as Emily Blunt’s assistant for the movie Edge of Tomorrow.

Personal Life: Jade dated actor Tom Felton from February 2007 until January 2016.

She has been seen accompanying Elizabeth at events and seen hanging out with her.

Jade is also close friends with actor Jake Abel, whom she met while accompanying Tom Felton during filming his movie, Against the Sun. Jade seem to personally know actress Anna Sophia Robb.

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