Online dating breakups

Then another electronic communiqué arrived from The Doctor. Bad dumping behavior is booming, especially among the young.In one recent survey, 24 percent of respondents aged 13 to 17 said it was completely OK to break up with someone by texting, and 26 percent of them admitted to doing so.The emerging social reality demands some preparation for romantic rejection, given its potential to shatter one’s sense of self.

Whereas people who date online know that members of the opposite sex are abundant.

It’s never fun to get dumped by someone who met you online, but if you do, you can activate your profile and have a date the next night, quite easily.

I try pretty hard not to give into confirmation bias.

Which is to say that I believe that online dating is a valuable tool in your dating arsenal.

I mean, if you’re going to date for 2 years before you get married, what difference does it make if you met at a party or on Ok Cupid?