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I'm also happy with my Honda generator, it looks like a honda, starts like a honda and runs like a honda. From what I remember it was wired poorly and the heat from it was giving off made it so it was irreparable.

He then tried to find a way to contact them about the poor/unsafe wiring and could not find much info on them. Thank you for this thread, it has helped aide me in my research about AGR Machinery. I ordered a log splitter off ebay through their company for $1800.

This time they responded to my concerns within 48 hrs and have now advised that it will be collected by a courier & once inspected a refund will be made.

All this 2 days before my opportunity to leave e Bay feedback ends, sadly I will not have an outcome on which to honestly pass comment.

"We Can't Help You or offer Support/Return if neg F/B is left"...

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    Nor has the only other person strongly connected to Yamie Chess, the chess champion and professional poker player Jennifer Shahade.

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    It’s an unusual situation, but I’m glad that we’re in it. You’re able to reveal these layers, more and more, and I know that those layers are there. John Eisendrath has said that one of the reasons he liked you for this role was the charm that you brought to the character and how he comes across as a nice guy, even though he’s using that to manipulate what he wants. But, I’m glad that Joe very much contributed to the what. He wouldn’t be in this position, if he wasn’t very good at reading people and his people skills weren’t sharply honed.

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    " data-reactid="24"Besides being a cautionary tale told with all the finesse of a U. Army training film about the horrors of syphilis, "Temptation" qualifies as science fiction, since it takes place in two parallel universes: One is the recognizable world where adults have career and relationship issues, and the other is the Tyler Perry–verse of convenient coincidence, abrupt character shifts and pat homilies.(It's also a place where people pursue jobs like pharmacist and therapist armed only with bachelor's degrees, but that's another issue.)Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Brice (Lance Gross) are childhood sweethearts who have left their tiny Southern hamlet to pursue their dreams in Washington, D.

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    The streets of Ahmedabad came alive on Wednesday with song and dance as Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an 8-kilometre road show with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and his wife, the first such event by the Indian premier with a visiting head of government.