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If you’re only going to be using your external or USB flash drive with certain PCs – such as at home or the office – you might be interested in a program called Mac Drive.When you install Mac Drive on a Windows PC, it will be able to seamlessly read & write to HFS drives.

Before reformatting from a NTFS, the La Cie worked fine on my Mac and my PC “saw” it but I couldn’t access it. Where could I go or what resource(s) is/are available for me to solve this problem? I have a 275gb Kingston usb thumb drive formatted in ex FAT.

It will handle files but if I add a “folder” containing and other items the folder is blank when I try to access the data inside the folder.

Paragon NTFS is about £15 and reads and writes to NTFS drives – you won’t ever need to worry about what format your drives again. I did exactly what you said to do in order to format a La Cie 160gb external hard drive to ex Fat for use on a Mac (OSX 10.7 Lion) and a PC (Windows 7).

Unfortunately, now my Mac doesn’t “see” the hard drive anymore and my PC tells me the device is not working properly (error Code 43 in Device Manager).

Macs can read files on NTFS drives, but it cannot write to them.