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And more standup, and getting my book shopped and out to the people — it’s going to be a book of essays and quotes and sketches. I would say that instead of there being one big break, there’s been a number of small breaks that came from having relentless stamina. Yes, you need to be great at your work and your art.

But you need to be even better at your sustenance — your ability to sustain. There are a lot of talented folks out here, but not a lot of people that can keep working hard.

Right now we’re pitching networks, and hopefully we’ll be able to get it to a bigger realm of fans in no time. And the Caitlyn Jenner moment introduced me to a whole bunch of other people.

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With those five words, Seales, who stars in “Insecure,” rebuffed centuries of antagonism that black women, and black people, have faced for voicing their opinions in manners not respectable enough for others.

And in the same breath, she called into question Jenner’s white and class privilege and how the former Olympian’s transgender identity would appear at odds with her political beliefs.

In the Caitlyn situation, people ask me, And I genuinely don’t care.

I’m gonna say what needs to be said, but I won’t feel any way if you don’t receive it.

I got tired of seeing all these negative images, whether it’s of cops brutalizing black people or the choice of wording in the media on how to refer to different black individuals. We’ve been doing it for over a year at Nerd Melt in LA the first Tuesday of every month.