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"Depending on the conflict on the ice, we know who the person is who has to put their pride aside.Off the ice, we might approach it a little differently." "We didn't expect to date one another," Knierim added."I've never had a romantic relationship with my skating partner, but sometimes a team goes down that route and it can be distracting for them," said Brubaker, who finished second at the U. championships in 2012 with partner Mary Beth Marley. Your relationship off the ice directly affects how you're able to work with one another.

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I was just as fascinated by what was going on with these two outside of the rink.

Maybe it that lingering embrace, as if cameras weren't fixed on them and broadcasting their intimate moment to the entire world.

Ask Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim about their intentions to skate together in the future, and the U. We hope to stay healthy enough to compete for the next four years, so we'll see how things pan out." The duo finished second at the U. Is getting romantically involved with a partner the right thing to do when the Olympics are on your to-do list? "We didn't make an effort to make sure everyone knew that we were dating," Knierim said of the Colorado Springs-based team, which is coached by Dalilah Sappenfield. It's more helpful to be open about it because then you don't have to go around anything." Scimeca and Knierim teamed up in the spring of 2012 and began dating soon thereafter with the quiet encouragement of Sappenfield. In 1998, they won silver at the world championships.

"We don't have a date set, so we're just taking things day by day. They are one of the only present-day American pairs or dance teams that are in a committed relationship and are open about it. It gets a little awkward if you're trying to hide it from everyone -- people are going to figure it out.

Perhaps the best example of a lovebird pair that Scimeca and Knierim can take after is Jenni Meno and Todd Sand, the three-time U. "The Todd and Jenni story was about the relationship off the ice," said Meno, who now has two kids with Sand and makes up half of the husband-wife coaching team based in the Los Angeles area.