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The time interval gets longer every day until you reach your target and become smoke-free.This app could help those who feel that they could benefit from a managed approach to quitting.The app also allows friends and family to send motivational messages and view your latest achievements in real time.

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The app also displays the amount of money you would have spent over various time intervals, from a week up to 5 years.

The home screen alternates between bright green and red to indicate when you are allowed and not allowed to smoke.

Kirsten has more than 15 years of experience in smoking cessation and says that thousands of people have successfully ceased smoking with his advanced hypnosis app - including megastar singer Adele.

Kirsten's unique "60-second Cravings Buster" technique is reported to dissolve cravings, while hypnotherapy and advice on the app aims to prevent the weight gain associated with quitting smoking.

You are even shown how much money you have saved in total, so you can reward yourself a treat with your accumulated savings.

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