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Also like the later book (this one was published some two years prior), it felt a bit long near the end with Sass being just a touch too clueless about her own emotional state.

But talking about how it falls short of its later cousin does it a bit of a disservice when the fact of the matter is that I enjoy as good as A Girl Like You—and maybe a little bit samey as well—this book is still a fun, evocative coming-of-maturity story with interesting characters you can't help but love.

Here, the answers to five of our pressing breakup questions.

Patti Says: Getting in shape is always the best revenge, but slow it down on cutting your hair or making a drastic change like tattoos or piercings, as that is way too extreme and, chances are you'll probably regret it.

If you can't date anyone nice, don't date anyone at all... So after her sixth successive failed relationship, romantically-challenged 20-something Sass decides she's had enough. I didn’t have to move to next chapter or die; I just sort of did because, unless a book is truly horrendous, I usually finish what I’ve begun to read.