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"A big mistake in this field is the idea that transmission only takes place one way," Hope said."Our perspective is the viruses can infect people in more than one way.

But in studies where women were given anti-herpes drugs to decrease their lesions, there was no decrease in transmission.

In light of the new results, it is possible that HIV can enter the vaginal tissue and initiate infection without any physical breaks.

If successful, this study would open the door to a potential therapy for HSV-1 recurrent diseases." Chicago (December 16, 2008) - Researchers at Northwestern University have discovered a critical new way a man can transmit the HIV virus to a woman.

Scientists thought the large HIV virus couldn't penetrate the tissue of the normal lining of the female vaginal tract.

This new discovery suggests that the recurrence of HSV-2 is in the skin and not in the ganglia.