Intimidating masks

My only issues with it are the eyebrows are to dark and noticeable and again the eyeholes are to big. I love the ware to it after being under the floor boards for all those years.

intimidating masks-35

The all black color is always a great choice for any biker, it’s our favorite color. I would guess that the bar code on the side is the future version of the Beats by Dre headphones and that some form of partnership happens around 2030 to fully integrate them in a helmet. They look sturdy enough to use for self defense in some type of biker brawl you get into on the weekends. This one falls farther into the post apocalypse side with air filters, and back O2 supply.

The cloth rear the rolls down into a nice urban neck wrap is a nice touch too. The tinted face shield looks to provide plenty of front viewing area. Not so sure what the large utility looking forehead crown is for, but there most likely some type of HUD with AI built in behind it. Extra headroom for your ponytail Designed with motorcycle police officers in mind, this helmet features wireless comms, heads-up display of auto license plate recognition info, and other cool features (like a built in camera) that a officer smiley would want at his disposal.

Hope that you have been doing you side neck raises on neck day. This being a motorcycle helmet concept, I’m not excactly sure where the need for additional lights mounted to the helmet would come into play. HUD telepathy interior display The first feature that I notice about this futuristic helmet concept is the lower front face shield attaching mechanism. Night Vision SWAT Team meets its new tactical helmet. UV400 protection polycarbonate lens, shatterproof and scratch-resistant 4 Interchangeable lenses: Polarized Lens - Neutral Gray; Non-polarized Lens - Clear MLC, Cadmium Yellow, Copper Matte black plastic frame with rubber ear pads. Read More For a helmet style that stuns, you'll want to look no further than artist Michael Demby or uptowngrafx on Instagram.

Maybe when you are stumbling out of some future bar and can’t find your keys? It resembles the way Bell Rogue can either be a full faced helmet or a 3/4 helmet with removal of the face shield. This helmet has the functionality of an entire swat team combined into one black, mean fighting machine. Based in Lithonia, Georgia and specializing in custom paint and airbrush work, Uptowngrafx can hook you up with a unique helmet design that is sure to turn heads.

Let’s take a look at 10 helmet concepts with a futuristic look that I would buy today, should they come into the market. More of a tactical, military-ish helmet – this concept has another badass angry vide.