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Last Updated: March 17, 2010 Thank you for choosing XM Canada.

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U-Connect utilizes a small control pad, microphone and speaker which encourages safe vehicle operation and doesn't compromise driver control and even mutes the radio before receiving or sending a call. "Not applicaple/NA msg" - Displayed in Gracenote area.

U-Connect also stores up to 32 names in the system's phone book. Critical error, radio must be replaced (non-navigation REN models).

Once the current location is accurate, the problem should not reoccur unless the vehicle is transported while not operating (on a ferry, railroad car, transport truck, etc.). Owners who plug an external device such as an MP3 player into the AUX jack should remember that both volume controls, on the radio and on the device itself, will affect the sound level.

If Radio presets do not seem to save on radio, please confirm that the following process is being performed: When listening to the selected station in AM/FM modes, - Press and hold the desired preset soft key on the right side of the display.

(U-connect requires a bluetooth hands-free profile wireless phone and an installation kit which is not included) Dealer instructions for front seat video enable/disable: 1. "EMERGENCY UPDATE/ERROR(256): failed to flash update ifs" - Error when updating software.