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Long story short, my dad cheated on my mom with a woman he worked with.

He chose her over my beautiful and kind-hearted mother who had been a dedicated wife to him for almost 16 years. Things were getting serious and I gave him more and more power to hurt me if he decided he was bored with me.

Now she not only had to deal with by her date, but by her childhood trauma.

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Children need to experience a bond with their parents or caregivers that they can depend on.

If this bonding doesn’t provide the safety they are supposed to experience, due to a parent’s abuse or neglect—or if it was interrupted or lost due to death, divorce, illness, or parental depression—an insecure attachment might be formed.

Stephanie now knows that she needs to choose a relationship or date a man who will foster a consistent connection and effective communication. Alan Grahamthe feelings of nervousness and obsession that someone who’s not really emotionally available might arouse.

Graham suggests giving someone who initially seems boring a chance, because that person might be after all. I started having nightmares about the fights when I was growing up and have woken up crying.

Upon learning this, Stephanie decided to accept where she was and to see it as an opportunity to grow, rather than abandon herself.