Updating garmin c340

The unit would still have 2008 maps on it only allowing 2mb of space for custom pois. You can't see them unless you zoom in real close and it just takes up more drive space. I know, I know, it looks stupid, but renaming a file "BURGER KING SPEED" will automatically alert when uploaded to your gps with poiloader. Or, if you want to MANUALLY set your alerts, set poiloader in the MANUAL mode and it will step through each cvs in your poi folder ... or set an alert distance or speed for a particular file, say "Burger king.csv" I'm not sure if the person I got in touch with was correct or not but, I was wanting to remove the original map from my C340 so I could load up with more Custom POI's and the person at Garmin replied with this: Dear ******* *********** Thank you for contacting Garmin International. If you remove the maps and then have a problem, the warranty is voided and we would charge you 5 to repair the unit. Put the words "speed" or "red light" in the file name. This is a preloaded unit and is programmed to look for the maps in a certain location. Can I load this into my Garmin and if so could i have alittle help doing so.. EXE program including being sure that it is placed in the correct folder on your computer. The repair would put the maps back on the unit and you will face the same thing.

If the touch screen does not seem to respond when you hit it with your finger or a stylus, you may need to calibrate it.

To do this, turn the unit off and then hold down the "Power" key for approximately one minute.

Garmin's policy is bad, but their failure to disclose it is even worse. (In fact, all the i Phone needs is the right antenna and a SIRF-3chipset to make dedicated GPS devices instantly obsolete.

Moreover, the 2008 map update isn't a one-time purchase. This is soobvious it can't be more than a year out. You have pissed off a formerly delighted customer, and that is generally a one-way ticket.

You will see a calibration screen come up that will recalibrate the GPS unit. If your GPS unit is not responding or is stuck on a particular screen, it may need to be reset in order to operate.