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Not calling all the time gives us a chance to try new things to get your attention. 337: Don't assume that your favorite beer is our favorite beer, too.

419: We would also love to skip Sunday brunch with eighty-five family members in favor of sitting on the couch in our sweats watching reruns of The A-Team.

“It’s going to be more cabaret-ish than the traditional striptease.”Glam! “The burlesque branched out into its own thing,” Bennett says. The troupe does one or two big group shows a year at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, plus solo shows at other local venues such as Howl in Fort Myers.

“Our girls are developing their personaes,” Bennett says.

But Burstein says it’s just as much fun for the dancers.“It’s a chance to kind of be someone else,” Burstein says.