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And long before Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013, that cast had become a family both onscreen and off, attracting a loyal and emotionally invested fan following around a Hollywood anomaly: the multicultural blockbuster film franchise.Now more than ever, Rodriguez feels the responsibility of repping the streets from inside the party.“To me, it’s the equivalent of Run DMC doing their first track with Aerosmith,” Rodriguez exclaimed while reclining inside a luxury trailer parked at Dodger Stadium. Didn’t expect to make a splash, didn’t think we’d be around for long—booyakasha! T., Machete, and Avatar, it’s the Fast & Furious series that has been her cinematic anchor for 14 years, and gifted her the role that most closely mirrors her renegade spirit.One of those things is the relationship between Dominic Toretto and his now wife Letty Ortiz.

We ain’t going nowhere.”Although she’s blasted and battled her way to action heroine status in films like Resident Evil, S. “Nobody in my family was happy that I was an actress,” Rodriguez smiled.

“My brother was just happy that I had a life outside of the ghetto.

The formulaic screenplay called for a love triangle between Letty, Dominic Toretto (Diesel), and Brian O’Conner (Walker).

Rodriguez was nearly ready to walk.“Imagine—I’m living the dream, I wasn’t paying attention to the script.

They show their love in an unconventional way that doesn't revolve around lust but through a connection they only understand and feel with each other.4. Neither one of these two could ever let the other one go.