Persian dating rules

The most striking element of this law is that a man can stop his wife from working if he thinks this would damage his own dignity.Fortunately, this seems to be rare: there is no doubt that Iranian women make up a considerable – and probably increasing – minority of the workforce.The system is not necessarily finished with a woman even after she dies.

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All of these adverts stated whether the job in question was open to men and women – or to men alone.

Of the 47 vacancies, 36 were “men only” and 11 were available to both genders. For some reason, men and women can join the “statistics” section of the Central Bank – but the “accounting” department is men only.

If hardliners are in the ascendancy, it might be wise to conceal every whisp of hair on the streets of Tehran; if reformers are in office, you might try wearing your rusari so far back as to render it almost invisible. Women are generally accepted in the workplace in Iran - although, once again, there are restrictions.

Under Article 1117 of the Civil Code, an Iranian man can ban his wife from working if he believes this would be “incompatible with the interests of the family or with his or his wife’s dignity”.

Fariba, 31, is a newly divorced attorney living in Tehran who, in a phone conversation, tells Al-Monitor she blames her divorce on online dating.