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"It was a long, long time ago and neither one of us ever talked about it and I don't know why," she told Andy Cohen. Though he didn't think he was ready for marriage in the summer of 1986, they quietly tied the knot on May 9, 1987, in upstate New York. His mother, Mary Lee South, told her new daughter-in-law was "top notch." Having previously been married to Scientology counselor Jim Rogers, Mimi's the one who's said to have turned Cruise on to the religion. (Rogers, meanwhile, has since cut ties with Scientology.) They announced they were divorcing in January 1990. Some of the tabloids brought it up all the time, and exaggerated the gap between Tom and me.

"When we were together he was such a private person. "Is that the story, that I was bored with that child and threw him over, chewed him up and spat him out? At least for that period of time, it looked as though marriage wouldn't fit into his overall spiritual need. Every six months they seemed to add a year to my age. That's what I wish I'd done." They adopted two children, Isabella and Connor, and starred in two more films together, the period epic , which they admitted later was an extremely intense shoot, made all the more devastating by director Stanley Kubrick's death before the film was finished.

She's the mother of my children, and I wish her well. (She would say years later, "I've never fallen in love with someone I'm working with. If something becomes friendship, then maybe months later it becomes something else, but you can never know. You can't plan those things.") "I'm very, very happy with my relationship," Cruise had told in the summer of 2003, also denying that they were engaged.

The relationship wasn't without its legal drama, however, as Cruz ended up securing damages and a retraction from an Australian tabloid in June 2003 over a story claiming her impending marriage to Tom was postponed because she had an affair.

A roller-coaster romantic history almost comes with the territory in Hollywood.