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I remember it so well as I am NEVER late unless I am pregnant. When it finally arrived it was a good two days shorter.

That was odd, but I thought maybe it was pre-menopause as I was 36.

That was odd as if modern medicine was so great why could it not prevent disease by now? So they treat the symptoms which often makes patients sicker, but hospitals make money from the “medicines” they provide. I became very disillusioned with medicine as a career, so I went into music.

I soon met and married a guy who seemed as bright as he was attractive (‘seemed’ being the operative word here) and we quickly got pregnant with our first child, but sadly he had a congenital disorder which left him unable to process calcium.

Please obtain your own professional medical advice on your pregnancy because NONE of the information below has been fact checked.*Again, please make sure you seek your own professional medical advice on your pregnancy.