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One time I hired a PR company and they accidentally sent me the contract for Terry Bradshaw.

Investors want to be your friend and want to know they can count on you when time’s are tough.

Let each employee know how his or her path to success can be achieved. Tell them how they can get rich by working for you. If an employee gets “the disease” he needs to be fired.

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” Note: EVEN if that means introduce them to a competitor.

Always think first, “What’s going to make my customer happy?

Even introduce them to your competitors if you think a competitor can help them or if you think you are about to be fired.

Company history, personal history, marketing history, investing history, etc. If you are working 20 hours a day, then that means you have flaws in how you are managing your time.

NOBODY should spread the disease and badmouth you or your customers. If you ever have to sell your company, believe it or not, you are going to need his signature (because there’s going to be a new lease owner) DD) Only move offices if you are so packed in that employees are sharing desks and there’s no room for people to walk.