Updating nvidia bootcamp driver macbook pro

I have Akitio Node, GTX 980 Ti Macbook Pro 15 2015 Intel Iris Pro 5200 without a discrete video card, connect through the adapter TV3 - TV2.

I managed to eventually get it working in windows but only once.

Personally, until apple, intel and nvidia get their heads together i dont think its worth the effort to try and get this up and running. Literally a week ago I ordered Akito Node, and then the fun began, in my country there is no forum that sorts out these problems.

Help pls :((I am having the problem with 2016 Mac Book Pro 13” with Touch Bar, Bootcamp ​Windows 10 with Creators Update, AKi Ti O Node with 1060.

Here is what happens: e GPU is connected, I select “EFI Boot” using the stick method, Windows 10 boots and the GPU shows up as “Video Controller (VGA Compatible)” in the device manager. “Video Controller (VGA Compatible)” changes to my 1060 just for half a second before that happens and then I immediately get the blue screen.

I’ve also attached the error message but it’s in german so most of you probably don’t understand it. Do I have to install different drivers because I have the 15″ Macbook Pro? That would be weird because the guy from 9to5mac said that you have to install these drivers or otherweise the firmware update won’t work. Newer version of Intel Thunderbolt Software specially prevents installation on Windows via Boot Camp. Still trying to solve this question (if old thiunderbolt driver – “there are no installed tunderbotl software”, in new – “this application (thunderbolt software) is not supported on Boot Camp”)Too many troubles with this Node…. The thunderbolt software and service was running but the node firmware tool would not work.