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A rite of late autumn in the Twin Cities involves hundreds of cheery green Nice Ride Minnesota bikes being gathered up and packed away for winter storage.

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The board would change to include right-of-way landowners, including representatives from Minneapolis, St.

Paul, the Minneapolis Park Board and the University of Minnesota. What’s happening elsewhere While dockless bike sharing has an upside — mainly the broad availability of bikes for about $1 per half-hour — there are some nagging concerns. cities, bikes have been left in ill-advised spots that annoy business owners and impede pedestrians and traffic.

Instead of pedaling a Nice Ride bike from station to station, cyclists will use smartphone apps to locate and rent “dockless bikes” anywhere and leave them locked wherever they please. In the past year, the bike-sharing business model has been wildly upended, and nonprofit operators like Nice Ride are looking to adapt.

Dossett says it could result in up to 10,000 dockless bikes coming to the Twin Cities, up from the current count of 1,850.

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