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Just want clarification from someone who knows, not opinions from those that don't matter so find something better to do with your time.If your child wasn't born in the UK then how do you assume you are entitled to any child benefit from the UK government.I have read that pay will be backdated up to 3 months prior to the date they received the application.

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The completed claim form should be sent to: Child Benefit Office Washington Newcastle Upon Tyne NE88 1ZD HMRC has produced guidance notes (CH2) to help claimants fill in the claim form.

The guidance goes through the claim form page by page.

My partner has lived and worked in UK for 7 years but her daughter only moved to live with us on 5th July 2010.

Someone recently called us to inform of payments and also said that payments would be backdated to November...

If either of you earns over £60,000, you can always opt not to receive the payments - and avoid the tax charge - but still get the entitlements.

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